Performance team. On demand.

Qualified talent

Independent professionals have integrated with your online store’s teams to collaborate on long-term projects, allowing your business to scale without increasing your headcount

Tailor-made teams

Professional Shopify specialists, certified digital marketing talent and developers at your business’s disposal on small projects or in dedicated squads

Variety of skills

Your online store will find in FullPRO the strategic ally to incorporate super-specialized talent into your company, with specific profiles by area and for the different challenges your business will face

Scalability and agility

The best independent talents work in partnership with the teams in 5 different areas: management, marketing, traffic, CRM and technology. Scalability, elasticity and billing to a single provider.

Credit collection

Find out how much each activity will cost before you apply. Receive a table of predefined credits per activity and work predictably.

Freedom of Use

Use your credits how you want and when you want, according to the needs of the moment. Whether it’s developing a new feature or launching traffic campaigns.

90 days to use

Use the credits for activities for 90 days. Set up your action plan and organize your e-commerce actions according to the deadlines defined on the platform.


  • Front-end development
  • Full-stack development
  • Installing Scripts and Trackers
  • Configuring the data layer and tags
  • Software Architect
  • Page merchandising
  • Registration, categorization and filters
  • Coupons and promotion rules
  • Broadcast marketing notifications
  • Script and tool management
  • Usability analysis and A/B testing
  • E-commerce configurations
  • Advanced promotions
  • DataLayer and Tags
  • LTV & RFV analysis
  • Email Marketing Automations
  • CRM implementation and management
  • Cart Recovery Strategies
  • Transactional shipments
  • Acquiring Leads
  • Relationship rules
  • Increased Repurchase by Email, SMS, CRM and Push
  • Graphic Design
  • Video editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Image editing
  • Advertising copywriting
  • Copywriting
  • SEO content
  • Product description
  • CRM management
  • Customer segments
  • Product recommendations
  • Multichannel marketing automations
  • Relationship automations
  • Funnel Remarketing
  • Digital lures
  • Forms
  • Landing pages
  • Vip Clubs
  • Customer reactivation